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Inbound Dialer

Our Inbound IVR provides personalized self-service experiences to your customers. We allow your customers to key-in their responses based on what's best for them using DTMF (aka touch-tone) features. Companies that use an IVR as a shield from their customers just wind up with upset customers furiously hitting the Zero key. However, a well-designed IVR can actually make your customers happy by getting them what they want- faster. Inbound IVR helps you quickly and easily create web-based IVRs without any programming.A nice Welcome note & a greeting always makes the first impression for the call. you can customize your greeting according to your requirements.Create automated inbound IVR phone trees to route calls, qualify callers, process orders, survey customers, and more using our Cloud Telephony Services.

Our Inbound IVR platform provides a robust, simple to use, IVR solution at an affordable price. Cloud Telephony features a fully configurable IVR that allows you to create multiple options and levels. You can upload your company tunes or messages. You can also use our natural language processor based text-to-speech option, where you just write what it should say and it will read it out!

You can assign your teams to various queues based on which option the customer selected, so your customers reach the right team the first time. Best of all, there is no hardware or software to be installed in your office. You just pay a monthly rental, only for what you need.

Key Feature of Inbound Service

Instant IVR set up with our easy visual IVR designer

Quickly create a sophisticated interactive voice response application that normally takes weeks to develop with other platforms. No need to wait for IVR pricing or a custom IVR quote.

Real-Time Analytics and Reporting
Use personalized reports to monitor real-time IVR statistics including caller information, about each inbound or outbound phone call.
Online IVR software configuration and real-time updates
Configure your business's IVR system from the web as easily as filling out a form on a website. Update your IVR in real-time, and build an unlimited number of IVR menus at no additional cost.
IVR API integration with your software and web applications
Setting up an IVR to prompt a customer for their customer ID, post the ID back to your web server and look up your customer's order status are just a few of the features you can control, requiring only basic web development skills.
So Why Do We Need To Automate Dialling?
Trying to put some of these outbound activities in place with manual dialling makes them cost prohibited. Punching in numbers from a list and listening to a ringing tone is both erroneous and time consuming. By automating the dialling process, even by autodialling from a screen, you can reduce nonĀ­productive time by 100 percent, by using predictive dialling productivity can be increased by as much as 300 percent.