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Cloud Call Center

A call center is often the first contact a customer has with an organization. It plays a major role in establishing first­class customer support and building a loyal base of customers. Recently, the call center has taken a step forward in its evolution by integrating cloud- based virtual call center functionality with other technologies. This new integrated cloud call center brings together interactive features that take customer support to the next level.

Cloud Call Center provides an easy, fast and cost­effective solution for any size business to configure a virtual call center for sales staff, customer support teams, and help desks. Use Cloud Call Center to set up a virtual call center so that your staff can easily answer customer calls at anytime from any phone.

Cloud Call Center is a ready­to­use custom made solution to start a full range of outbound and inbound call center with all capabilities in no time.Cloud Call Center includes virtual call center capabilities such as advanced call routing, interactive voice response and call queuing for saving time, reducing costs and creating efficiencies designed to help your business thrive, giving you a professional call center experience with zero hardware installation.

To get started, all you need is your agents to have a phone (Mobile/Landline) and/or an internet connection and a web browser. Your agents can start receiving and making calls from anywhere.The flexible architecture allows you to connect, integrate and collaborate your mobile workforce, various teams, virtual work groups, your headquarters, remote offices, outsourced locations and your customers, so that your workforce could be productive from anywhere, anytime.

Features of Cloud Call Center

Maintain Flexibility By Using Any Phone

Talk to customers using your existing phone ? office, home, cell, and even Skype.

Enable Managers To Make Smarter Decisions
Managers can view both real­time and historical reports about each call, agent, and department.
Empower Agents With More Information
Agents can view caller info before answering the call, take notes on call quality, and transfer callers to another person or department.
Customize Everything For Your Brand
You have full control to adjust greetings, hold time, routing options, music on hold and more.
Stay On Top Of Customer Conversations
Ensure high quality service by recording every conversation.

Benefits of Cloud Call Center

Immense flexibility

Deploy your call center agents anywhere, anytime.

Improved business productivity

Automate your basic business functions with advanced IVR functionality and intelligent call routing.

Enables customized and personalised customer call experiences

Integrate your CRM software or your customer database to greet and route customers appropriately.

Enables instant scalability of operations with a click of a mouse

Respond to changing business conditions, such as growth, increase/ decrease in call volumes, expansion, etc.

Realize immediate and long­term ROI

No upfront investment in hardware, software, or human resources.

Enhanced Profitability

Enables you to access talent outside your geography, eliminate overtime costs and reduce overhead.